Oya Batuk Garonski received extensive education and practical experience as a Turkish-English interpreter. Building on her education in languages, Oya commenced her career as a professional interpreter 12 years ago in the New Jersey/Philadelphia area in which she continues to live with her family. Her base of interpreting business came from agencies in the New Jersey–Philadelphia region, but over years of experience Oya expanded her referral network to include hospitals and law firms throughout the United States.

Oya is certified as a medical interpreter and frequently provides interpreting services to patients and their families at the world-renowned Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and other regional hospitals. She is frequently asked to interpret in person or over-the-phone to doctors and patients in various medical practices.

Insurance and banking have become part of Oya’s business. She also works for an global over-the-phone interpreting services which requires almost instantaneous interpreting for doctors, police, educators and other professionals.

In recent years, Oya has been engaged by state and federal governmental agencies for court and over-the-phone interpreting. This level of interpreting service is only attained with personal integrity and professional ability.