Business Planning │ Trade Strategies │ Regulatory Compliance

In today’s business climate, professional know-how that gives you a competitive edge is more important than ever. Our focus at Turkish American Business Services, LLC is on leveraging decades of experience in diverse areas of business and trade matters to help you achieve your goals.

Trade and data analysis, sales and marketing initiatives, dealing with regulatory issues and solving trade problems are only some of the ways we help our Turkish and American clients. When dealing with imports and exports, certain licenses, tariffs and duties standards may be applicable. And, there are often important legal aspects you must also weigh concerning your products. Seeking legal advice and consulting with trade professionals can make a significant difference in the success of your international business endeavors.

In any business, due diligence is of paramount importance. When you enter the international marketplace, language barriers and cultural differences can make getting the answers you need more difficult. Our Turkish and English language skills and deep understanding of both Turkish and American cultures help you avoid common pitfalls in the trade arena.  

Our client-focused services include,

  • Personalized counseling tailored to guide you in achieving your trade objectives.
  • Careful planning to map out development and improvement of your Turkish-American business strategy.
  • Research to target the best markets for your products in Turkey or the United States.
  • Representation of your business in the U.S. or Turkey
  • Addressing regulatory issues
  • Resolving trade problems

For trusted guidance in dealing with vital business trade matters, arrange a consultation today. Call our Moorestown, New Jersey office at (215) 370-1266, or contact us online.