Turkish American Business Services, LLC has offices in Moorestown, New Jersey. With a trusted network of business associates across the U.S. and partners in Istanbul, we meet the diverse needs of our international trade clients. The entrepreneurs and business entities we represent are involved in industries of every type, from textiles, apparel, dyestuffs, chemicals, food, agricultural and leather products, to fertilizers,  machinery, flavors and fragrances.

The services we provide generally fall into one of four primary areas.

Business Interpreting

Oya Batuk Garonski received extensive education and practical experience as a Turkish-English interpreter. Building on her education in languages, Oya commenced her career as a professional interpreter 12 years ago in the New Jersey/Philadelphia area in which she continues to live with her family. Her base of interpreting business came from agencies in the New Jersey–Philadelphia region, but over years of experience Oya expanded her referral network to include hospitals and law firms throughout the U.S.

Destination Event Planning

Do you need help with destination planning and corporate functions in far-flung locations? Turk-USA can make it happen. Working with one of the leading event planning businesses in Turkey, we have years of experience in the planning and execution of special occasions and business events in Turkey and the Mediterranean. From Istanbul to the Aegean & Mediterranean Seas and Cappadocia, we’ve planned and executed memorable events for couples, families and businesses.

International Trade

In today’s business climate, professional know-how that gives you a competitive edge is more important than ever. Our focus at Turkish American Business Services, LLC is on leveraging decades of experience in diverse areas of business and trade matters to help you achieve your goals.  Trade and data analysis, sales and marketing initiatives, dealing with regulatory issues and solving trade problems are only some of the ways we help our Turkish and American clients. When dealing with imports and exports, certain licenses, tariffs and duties standards may be applicable.

Legal & Medical Service Consulting

At Turkish American Business Services, LLC, located in Moorestown, New Jersey, attorney Leo Garonski provides legal advice and guidance for individuals and business enterprises, locally, regionally and internationally. Clients appreciate our ingenuity and inventiveness, and rely on us to break new ground, forge trade alliances, develop legally sound business plans, conduct transactions and seek practical solutions for business controversies.